This picture was taken at Filippo's christening - quite some time ago, I must hurry up and get a more recent picture.

We still have the fish and chip shop and also run a building site canteen. We'll have to reorganise ourselves a bit better soon because it's too much to do both things. 

Derek is still playing darts but doesn't find the time to go fishing lately which he misses. He is busy doing some more decorating at home, just finished reconverting a bedroom back from a kitchen. 

I have a web cam now and I'm really having fun with it. If any members of the family have a web cam, let me know because I'd like to link to them. I went to a chat site recently and a window popped up with a naked fellah trying to chat with me! I don't go on the chat links any more. I bought a bit of software than enables me to make videos with the cam and this is what I have been using the cam for lately. 

Jo has just bought a web cam also, so when she finally gets if figured out I will have someone to chat to.

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